Our active lives
at Cedar House Rothley

Life’s too short to waste a moment

At Cedar House residential care home, we lead active, fun-filled lives. There’s something to do every day of the week, and in the evenings too. There are opportunities to laugh, sing, and dance together, to use our hands, to cook, to communicate via the internet, to play instruments, to discuss our favourite books, and to keep ourselves independent.

Tell us what you like to do

The starting point for any new activity is what you tell us you want to do. We ask new residents about their interests and hobbies, and just in case we missed something, there’s a suggestions box that anyone can use – your family as well as you.

We’re so busy because we have a full-time activities coordinator. She sets up the week-long programme, then works with residents as a group or one-to-one to make sure no one gets bored. Other staff continue her work during the weekends.

Why not pop in for a


Here’s what we’re doing already

We’re constantly developing our activities programme. This list gives you a taste of the sort of thing we do.

  • Arts and crafts
    Arts and crafts

    Drawing, painting, card-making, felt, knitting, collage, photography etc – plenty of opportunity to get creative and messy.

  • Exercise

    Chair exercises, different styles of dancing, walking round the garden or to the nearest village.

  • Games

    From skittles to netball; from card games to quizzes; from traditional games to the Wii and other modern technologies; board games indoors, outdoor games in the courtyard.

  • Reading/book club
    Reading/book club

    You can order books and audio tapes through the visiting mobile library service and discuss them with fellow readers.

  • Trips/recreational outings
    Trips/recreational outings

    Adventures from trips down memory land to entirely new experiences.

  • Cooking

    Everyone loves baking – it’s a special treat in which we all get to share the finished biscuits and cakes.

  • Guest speakers/talks
    Guest speakers/talks

    There are plenty of people who come in to talk about their lives or to teach us new skills.

  • Pet therapy
    Pet therapy

    Nothing beats some quiet time with animals.

  • General household skills
    General household skills

    This is all about keeping you independent – the more you do for yourself, the more in control you feel of your life.

  • Live entertainers
    Live entertainers

    Everyone from bell-ringers to singers and keyboard players.

  • Local schools visits
    Local schools visits

    Pupils come to sing or perform for us, including short plays.

  • Personal care
    Personal care

    Hairdressing, face and hand massages, makeup, nail art etc.

  • Gardening

    The garden is a wonderful resource with raised beds for those who like to get their hands dirty.

  • Singing and musical instruments
    Singing and musical instruments

    A huge favourite with residents – anything from swing to classical.

  • Film club
    Film club

    At least one film afternoon or evening every week – residents choose what they want to see.

  • Themed days
    Themed days

    Lots of opportunities for dressing up and having fun – race nights, 1940s tea dances etc.

  • Using the internet
    Using the internet

    To communicate with friends and family around the world.


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