Our active lives
at Cedar House Rothley

Life’s too short to waste a moment

At Cedar House residential care home, we lead active, fun-filled lives. There’s something to do every day of the week, and in the evenings too. There are opportunities to laugh, sing, and dance together, to use our hands, to cook, to communicate via the internet, to play instruments, to discuss our favourite books, and to keep ourselves independent.

Tell us what you like to do

The starting point for any new activity is what you tell us you want to do. We ask new residents about their interests and hobbies, and just in case we missed something, there’s a suggestions box that anyone can use – your family as well as you.

We’re so busy because we have a full-time activities coordinator. She sets up the week-long programme, then works with residents as a group or one-to-one to make sure no one gets bored. Other staff continue her work during the weekends.

Why not pop in for a


Here’s what we’re doing already

We’re constantly developing our activities programme. This list gives you a taste of the sort of thing we do.