The health, welfare and comfort of our Charnwood Residential Care residents is absolutely our top priority. So, we aim to provide you with a sense of this through the images in this section of our gallery. Take a look at some of the delightful photos from our pet therapy sessions where our residents get to enjoy the company of all-things furry, feathered, scaly and prickly! There are cute fluffy chicks and bunnies, Shetland ponies, hedgehogs, birds, reptiles, cats and dogs, as well as many other representatives from the animal world that are brought into Cedars Care Home from various organisations and people in the community. Of course, being around animals is well-documented to help people feel happier and healthier – and our residents are no exception. In fact, the pet therapy sessions are definitely some of the most popular on the calendar!

In our well-being gallery, you’ll also find examples of other types of therapy, as well as our popular pampering sessions as part of elderly care in Charnwood to help residents look and feel on top of the world, bringing smiles all around. We also have a trolley shop for those extra-special treats to help bring a touch of luxury to the day.