A Message from Maisy…

Today we received a lovely message from Maisy…
‘Hi Sally,
…I’ve had a hectic few months. I finally got to go and study abroad and I’ve been in Taiwan for a couple of months now. I had to isolate for 2 weeks when I got here, then started my Chinese classes. I’m staying here for the summer school too, so I will be back in the UK in September.
The weather here is so hot, most days it feels around 40 degrees, and the campus is so beautiful. My school is surrounded by mountains and on one side the ocean, and it even has a private beach. The cities here are really big too, so there’s been lots of things to see and do. I’ll send some pictures of some nice places I’ve been to.
How is everyone at Cedar House? I hope everything is fine there. I miss you all and I’ll come and visit some time when I’m back in the UK. I try to see all the facebook updates and see what everyone is up to.
Hope to see everyone again soon!